Report Card to the Public

There are actually two Report Cards to the Public. The spreadsheet template that you submit to the state by July 15. Then there is the actual RC that you post on your website and share with parents.

The good news, we no longer have to report attendance, graduation rate, drop-out rate, and enrollment change due to transfers on the spreadsheet. They get that directly from the Summer OASIS.

When it comes time to fill out your RC forms to be posted on your website and shared with parents you will need to get your hands on this data again. There are two places to get it, the ASPI and AMO.

If you can get your hands on the preliminary ASPI report it will show attendance and graduation rates, but the ASPI graduation rate may NOT be correct if you have a small graduating class.

(5) For schools that have six or fewer students in either the four-year or five-year graduation cohort as calculated under 4 AAC 06.825 or both for the current year, the four-year and five-year graduation rates will be calculated by aggregating the graduation rate data for up to three consecutive years so that the aggregated cohort, the denominator in 4 AAC 895 (i)(1), is greater than six for each of the specified four-year and five-year rate. When there are insufficient data to make a graduation-rate determination with a cohort of at least seven students over three consecutive years in either but not both the four-year or five-year cohort, the school will receive points based upon the four- or five-year cohort in which the graduation rate can be calculated with at least seven students.

I have found that the solution to this is to use the AMO. You can get the 2014 AMO here.