State Reporting

There are many reports that the state requires for different reasons, here are some resources.

AK State Reporting Documentation- PowerSource page with the AK release notes. Read these to see what changes have been made in the latest state reporting release.

EED- TLS Directory- A list of people by topic with email and phone number.

EED-TLS Roles and Responsibilities (see below file)- A list of people by position with their job descriptions and the types of data they work with.

Assessment, Accountability and Student Information (Data Management)- Ever wonder where your data goes? Information relating to SRM, OASIS and a few other topics.

DEED Forms- A list of forms and data collections, organized by due date or program.

Suspension, Expulsion, & Truancy- Here you can view SET data or log in to submit your data.

Migrant Education Program- Contains information and links.