What is OASIS?

On-line Alaska School Information System is operated by the Office of Assessments and Student Information in the Division of Teaching and Learning Support. The responsibilities of this office include the collection, analysis and publication of student and education information.

The Fall OASIS (aka 20-day count) determines your state funding. Districts report the students that they have enrolled and how many days they were enrolled.

If you have questions related to this report I suggest that you contact Mindy Lobaugh (mindy.lobaugh@alaska.gov). She is an expert on all things related to this report and the rules that drive it.

It was a conversation with Mindy where I discovered that we could claim students who had left our district for the Nome Youth Facility. This had a direct positive effect on our funding!

Dual enrolled students need to be listed twice, once for each school they attend. For example, if a student is enrolled for three classes at your high school, and three classes in your correspondence school, you would report them with two rows. We suggest that you calculate the student's FTE based on their enrollment at the physical school first, and apply the remaining FTE to the correspondence school. You cannot claim over 1.0 FTE for a single student.

Download the Fall 2014 Fall OASIS Data Handbook here.

PowerSchool maintains a built-in report to produce the Fall OASIS file. To run this report go to System Reports, and select the State tab. This report is updated yearly to make sure you have the latest version.

Link to download the state report installer. (PowerSource account required)

Link to the PowerSchool Alaska Reporting Manual. (PowerSource account required)