Working With Pearson

Below are some items that we'll be working on for the remainder of the year:

1. Extended schema field migration

2. Functionality to allow SHSEQ numbers to be imported from the EED file

3. Health & Immunization compliance rules fixing/fine tuning

4. Creation of necessary Vaccination reports

5. CRDC updates

6. Existing report updates as necessary per EED (Fall OASIS, Summer OASIS, Part Rate report, for example)

As for a little background on me and my time at Pearson...

- I've been with the company for about 7 years now.

- I started as a Tier 1 agent and was promoted to Tier 2 when that team first formed.

- I started specializing in State Reporting back when I was in Tier 1 and have been working with that component ever since.

- After about a couple years in Tier 2, I moved onto State Reporting Product Manager (current position)


Eric Wesselius

Product Manager

Regulatory Compliance

School Systems

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